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    Big Brother (UK)


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    Big Brother (UK) Empty Big Brother (UK)

    Post by Chinkeyz on Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:20 pm

    Big Brother (UK) 72549-g5

    Big Brother is the UK's biggest reality TV show and is one of the most talked-about shows in British TV history. Big Brother takes place entirely within the confines of the Big Brother House. It's essentially a competition between the housemates, the object of which is to be the last remaining housemate in the House. At least one housemate will leave the House every week by a process of nomination and public eviction. Housemates will nominate each other for eviction and those with the most votes from their peers face a public vote. The housemate that receives most public votes leaves the House and is out of the competition.

    Network: Five
    Genre: Reality

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